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Stable and Solid

Hargrave Electric has been around for over 35 years. During that time we have survived some of the toughest economic declines and we have prospered with a steady economy. We have maintained great working relationships with many financial institutions, putting us in position to come through for you. As a result, we are able to bond projects up to $10 Million Dollars in size.

Surety Company

Marsh & McLennan Agency

1776 Yorktown
Houston, Texas 77056
(713) 780-6187
Fax  (212) 948-6287
Mr. Glen Odell

Current Insurance Limits

Maintain current limits of:
$500,000 for W/C
$2,000,000 aggregate for G/L
$1,000,000 CSL for Automobile Liability and $5,000,000 Excess Liability.

Insurance Agency

Weiser Insurance

8303 Southwest Freeway
Houston, Tx. 77074
(713) 778-9229
Fax (713) 778-0922
Mr. Larry Weiser


Community Bank of Texas

6461 FM 1960 West
Houston, Texas 77069
Mr. D. Walsh 
(713) 210-7621

Frost Bank

2750 FM 1960
Houston, Texas 77068
(713) 388-7600